Field of View: Fixed 200H x 40W x 100 D[mm] cuboid
Real-Time Data Rate: ≥ 100 Hz, platform dependent. Full system from acquisition to output.
Resolution: <0.5 μm quasistatic, and cyclic; Typical RMS resolution at typical settings. Resolution is a function of the marking, data rate and filter settings
Extensometer Accuracy Class: ISO 9513 Class 0,5 and ASTM E83 Class B-1 or better typical at ≥25 mm gage length
Real Time Strain Data Rate: ≥ 100Hz, platform dependent.
Minimum Specimen Size: 6mm diameter or 5mm wide (flat).
Gauge Length: Variable, 25mm minimum
Maximum Strain: Variable: Typically >500% using a 25mm gauge length
Maximum Tracking Speed: ≥2500 mm/minute
Cyclic Testing: Speed and specimen dependent
Strain Control: Suitable for monotonic and cyclic strain control applications
Ambient Operating Light Conditions: Suitable for use in day light, artificial lab or room lighting situations
Suitable for use with Temperature Chambers: Measuring strain in a temperature chamber at ambient, high and low temperature (min. window width 170mm)
Signal Integration Options: Control, information, and notification through GUI and or test suite software. Manufacturer dependent.
Power Supply: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.4A 120W max, IEC 320 C14 receptacle.
Power Consumption: 8W averaged
Recycling Capability: Up to 60% of this product can be recycled; metals and cabling
System Environment: 10-40°C (50-100°F), for use and storage; 20-80% relative humidity noncondensing environments
Mechanical Integration Options: Physical mounting schemes available for; T slot single and twin column vertical testing machine frames. Multi-column vertical testing machine frames. Horizontal testing machine frames.
Typical ROI: 6 months
Component Defect Warranty: 12 months
Manufactured: In the UK